Saturday, 27 March 2010

Perilous Princess

Ok, I have lots of other things I should have been doing today, but I couldn't tear myself away from this until I was happy, and I really am now :D I'm relatively new to digi art and to collage, and to darker work, but I love how this one has turned out.
I made it for the Perilous Princess challenge over at Haunted Design House
I started with a vintage postcard, got rid of the elegant background, zombified her a bit, gave her a crown, a pendant and an eye where her heart should be. Then I did the background and the text, added in a peacock, a goblet and a starburst and this is how it turned out :D Actually, lol, it wasn't that simple, nearly everything has been altered/modified by me in some way, I've more or less been pressing random buttons to see what effects I liked the look of. The original peacock, goblet and crown are from Itkupilli and the letters and text are from Scrapbook Graphics.
LOL, so now I've got my jollies creating this very un-jolly piece, it's back to all the things I should have done earlier ;)


crafty creations said...

A fantastic piece of artwork Susan xx Hilda

sam21ski said...

WOW - She is fantastic xxxx

Anonymous said...

wow thats fabtastic Susan, ya know you would never know you are new the craft of digital ... amazing ! You would have been great when i used to do the art on the darkside blog. I gave that one to miekenin and think she still runs it.
hugs June xxx

Barb said...

Fantastic digital collage! You definitely DON'T look like a novice at it, that's for sure :) Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

jackiescrafts said...

Great art work Susan

Hugs Jackie x

Alex said...

Great job! I love that she is 'zombified' and mostly, I just LOVE that word!!! LOL!!

moonmomma said...

Wow! serious digital creepiness, well done, I love it.

Pat x

Liz said...

missed this one! its scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy

scare your cats that will lol

liz x

Anonymous said...

She is a very beautiful zombie princess.