Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Black Cat

I'm just entering for fun, please don't include my entry for the prize draw. :) I've been creating a piece for the Quoth the Raven blog challenge today. It's a colour scheme challenge, and I used purple (sky), orange (flames),green (lawn) and black (everything else). This is based on the Poe short story The Black Cat, during which the narrator firstly gouges out one of his cat's eyes (and frankly, I was on the side of the cat from that point on), then gets irritated that the cat no longer likes him and kills it by hanging it from a tree in the garden. That night, the whole house mysteriously burns down. Despite it being a short story, there is far more to the tale than I have gone into here, and the narrator also murders his wife, but I've covered the elements that I've used in this image.
For anyone interested, I started with a public domain photo of a house burning after the Kupaianaha eruption of 1990. The original ca be seen here, so you can see how much I changed it. I tried to include a copy of the image here for easy comparison, but it keeps coming up huge, so I'm afraid a link will have to do. Kalapana burning gardens jpeg


ike said...

Excellent production - I too am on the side of the cat :-D
This is a brilliant piece - very clever indeed. Thank you very much for coming over to play at QUOTH THE RAVEN :-D

IKE xxxxx

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DonnaMundinger said...

That would be me too on the side of the cat. Really cool portrayal of the story. Fabulous (and I love you too, LOL) xxD