Saturday, 10 January 2015

Comic strips are HARD!!!

I've been working on this for far too long, and I have a horrible feeling that you're not going to be able to read it here anyway. Two of the blogs I like to play along with challenged us to try something new, and I decided to give comic strips a go. I'm sometimes a little frustrated at how little text you can reasonably get into a single creation, so I thought I would enjoy having extra boxes tio play with. Well, as the title say, this was HARD WORK! Lol, it's taken far longer than anything I've worked on recently, so don't be too harsh, ok?

These are the challenges I'd like to enter - 

For the "new" challenges, comic strips are new to me, and it's a also a new version of The Raven. For Snow Poe , it's white + black (with more grey than I originally intended) plus a re-working of The Raven.


Kay Wallace said...

Susan! This is absolute hysterical! I enlarged your strip by clicking on it and everything is perfect--all readable! I love humor. I love art. But, what I really, really love is humor in art--and you have given that to me here! You rocked the Snow-Poe challenge!

Electra said...

Congratulations on all your hard work it paid off, this is AMAZING! You are very talented! Thank you for sharing your comic with us at Opus Gluei for our New Year Challenge, I am so glad I got to see it!!

ike said...

Utterly BRILLIANT !! This gave me such a chuckle this morning. It's amazing :-D Thank you coming over to play at QUOTH THE RAVEN :-D


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NanB said...

How wonderfully funny!! Poe in comics...that's a new concept indeed! Thanks so much for playing with us at LOC!

NanB said...

Hi, it's Nan again! I really love this comic with our man Poe! New Poe inspirations are not that easy to come by and you did it! Thanks for playing with us at Quoth the Raven!!

BEX said...

Oh I love this and I always enjoy seeing your creations. Thanks for showing them off on LOC.

KristyLee said...

A comic strip, how brilliant! I just love it so creative! Thanks for sharing with us at LOC!

Happycrafter Shell said...

This is brilliant! I love the way it has turned out, gave me a real giggle :D
Thank you for playing along with us at Quoth the Raven x

Gina said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Didn't see that coming :D Fabulous Susan :D XXX

Gina said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Didn't see that coming :D Fabulous Susan :D XXX