Monday, 16 February 2015

It's a love/hate thing, take 2

It's the third Monday of the month, which means the Minions over at Haunted Design House have some more creations to share with you on our theme this month, which is all about love or hate. AND we've announced last month's winners, so be sure to pop over to the blog to see if you're one of the entrants who impressed us most.
My creation has some indelicate words on it, so consider yourself warned - if you scroll down, you do so willingly and you are fully aware of what is to follow.

I've used an artdoll from Xquizart and elements from various kits to create this piece, and while the hate part is obvious, here's what I love - every single item in here has been altered by me in some way. Size, orientation, colour, vibrancy, opacity - all have been manipulated by me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to do that with digital pieces. So remember, your entry doesn't have to be about love or hate, you also have the option of using a piece of kit or technique that you love or hate.  
So why not come along and play in the dungeon with us? There are just under two weeks left to get your February entries in :)


Andrea C said...

Yup another one so true. You tell it like it is and I LOVE it. x

Monique Van dijk said...

you rock at digital stuff, love them all