Saturday, 1 August 2009

Testing lace

Again, anyone who comes here really doesn't need to read this, it's just going to be me testing out different lacy stitch patterns.

Waffle brioche
Row 1 K1 *yo S1 K2TB* K1
Row 2 K3 *S1, k2 (all slipped stitches are yo's of the previous row) * S1 K1
Row 3 K1 *K2TB YO S1* K1
Row 4 K2 *S1, k2 (all slipped stitches are yo's of the previous row) * S1 K1

Lacy Honeycomb
Disliked this one, ended up quite thick (3D) and not lacy enough, and a pain to memorise the pattern
Cast on a multiple of 6sts + 4

Rows 1, 3, 5 - S1, *S2, K1, YO, K2T, K1* to last 3 sts, Sl 2, K1

Rows 2, 4 - S1 purlways, S2 purlways, *P1, YO, P2T, P1, S2 purlways* P1

Rows 6 7 8 - KPK

Rows 9, 11, 13 - S1, *, YO, K2T, K1, S2, K1 * to last 3sts, YO, K2tog, K1

Rows 10, 12 - S1 purlways, YO, P2T, *P1, S2 purlways, P1, YO, P2T* P1

14, 15, 16 - KPK


crafty creations said...

Hiya Susan and thanks for leaving fab comments on my blog. Well done you on creating your own blog - I've added myself as a follower and wait with bated breath to see your creations

x Hilda

Spyder said...

wow...I think you've cracked CIA's code!!! Watch out! They'll be coming for you! Ah...I say this in a whisper...with my hand over my mouth...listen carefully, I will say this only one...the toenail clippings are not in the goody bag...



Wow Susan
This does look complicated! Would love to see the finished result on your Blog!
Sylvia x