Saturday, 5 September 2009

Nothing to see here :P

I just realised that, although I've mentioned on the forum why I haven't been posting here, I haven't mentioned it here.
So, I'm sorry that there have been no new posts and some of you have had to comment more than once on the same old projects. I managed to kill our main pc and severely injure the laptop within a couple of days last week. The main pc is completely dead, but we'll hopefully get a new hard drive some time next week. And, shortly after that, I opened the laptop and the hinge snapped, so I'm being very careful with moving it and don't touch the lid/screen.
So, I can get online (yay!) but I can't print, upload photos, get to any of my digital stuff, use PaintShop or play games (boo!)
I will be back, but, for now, as Gayle put it, my blog kitty is resting ;D


Cheryl said...

look forward to seeing your creations back on line hun love cheryl xxxxx

jackiescrafts said...

Hope you get it all fixed very soon

Jackie x

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hi response to your question, the digital process is the same. Cut and erase.

Leanne said...

Oh no, don't you just hate it when things like that happen - it normally happens to me LOL!!

Can't wait to see you back on linke with your fab creations...and I hope the rain stops too!!


June said...

Aww bless ya Susan. Well i hope it soon is all fixed so you can play again
hugs June xx

Spyder said...

You'll HAVE to come into BLOG land now, cos you've WON some Candy over on Spyder's Corner!