Thursday, 22 October 2009

Yup, it's another set of free papers

Freshly finished in Paintshop, please feel free to click on the images and then save them to use in your own personal craft work. If you do make anything, I'd love to see it :)

Thanks for looking! :D


Spyder said...

Oh Wow! You're sooo clever, and you've been so busy. I could do this once..well, once I did it! I made a lovely repeated picture of a dragon, but now I've forgotten how to!! Blackcurrants??? Well that was very interesting what you said on my blog, Blackcurrants were federally banned in the US until the 70s, because they can carry a bug that eats wooden houses, so the plants were considered too dangerous. Because I noticed there were soooooo many Black erry, bramble bushes over there. Everywhere you looked all their forest's seemed completely hemmed in by them. I've never seem so many brambles!!(I know they aren't the same, but it just made me think about them) Whole house and unused cars were covered in them! Thank you for these lovely papers you've made!! I'm now going to read my 'dummies' book to see if I can remember how!


Cheryl said...

oh these are brilliant hun love the one with the txt on love cheryl xxxxxxx

jackiescrafts said...

Love these Susan, thanks for sharing
Hugs Jackie x

sam21ski said...

Ooooh,you are so clever, I'm still on page 1 of my book!!!!

Liz said...

Susan PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

Very clever indeed

Thank you lady
Liz x

Liz said...

Simply Stunning Susan Love them

Liz x

Rose said...

Gorgeous papers Susan, thanks for sharing them.

Love, Rose xx

Heather said...

Beautiful papers Susan, thank your for sharing

Jeanette said...

I stopped by to say thank for the nice comment on my Soartful project and here you have freebies. These are beautiful. Thanks so much.


lalkygirl said...

stunning papers susan,thanks so much for sharing them.
tracey x