Thursday, 18 February 2010

50 StampItCrazy stamps candy!!!!!!

I just spotted a great candy giveaway, when the StampItCrazy blog reaches 50 followers, (and again when they reach 100) they're going to give away FIFTY rubber stamps to one lucky individual. ALL you have to do is become a follower, that's it, and you get a chance of receiving FIFTY rubber stamps. FIFTY! Did I mention the number yet?
Now, those who know me will know I'm not a huge fan of rubber stamping, mainly because I'm just not very good at it :P But some of the stamps at StampItCrazy are just so luscious that they would definitely be worth getting my fingers inky. And I have been told that I'll get better with practice, so maybe this bundle of rubber goodies will make me forget my beloved digis :o Hubby would definitely be very happy if I occasionally got off PSP and let him have the pc for a while :P
So, please pop along and follow the blog, and have a browse through the store too :D

1 comment:

sam21ski said...

Sorry Susan - AI-lights are alcohol inks by Ranger (Tim Holtz) and it was 5 from the light range that I was using